Case Studies

  • February 2020 – Debt, housing and relationship crisis - Our client first contacted us when she had to leave the family home with her baby due to domestic violence.  Our Advisers helped her with advice on family law, sorted out her housing and ensured that her ex-partner could not access her financial information.  Our client’s ex-partner had broken her phone and she had difficulty […]
  • October 2019 – Client with complex mental health needs - A local GP contacted Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk about a patient with complex needs, including mental health problems that made it difficult for the client to handle interacting with other people.  The client had no income and deteriorating health.  Despite a previous referral to social services, the social worker would no longer see the client.  […]
  • July 2019 – Energy debt case study - In recent years, Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk has delivered energy advice with project funding from a national scheme called Energy Best Deal Extra.  This project allows us to fund the work of an Energy Adviser to give specialist advice to people who would benefit from extra support.  We would not be able to fund this work […]
  • January 2019 – Family crisis case study - The client came to us with his primary school age daughter.  The previous night, the child had been removed from her mother’s care by Social Services due to the risk posed to the child by the mother’s mental health problems.  None of the child’s belongings were brought with her.  Although the office was only offering […]
  • October 2018 – Housing issues case study - Veterans UK referred a client who had been medically discharged after sustaining injuries in service.  The client was married with two children and another on the way.   He was living in married quarters and was starting to get into rent arrears.  He had no income or savings. The client had been served notice to quit […]
  • July 2018 – Goods Damaged during Removal Case Study -   Our client approached us when her washing machine and other items were damaged during a house move.  She wanted to know how to get the problem rectified with the company that she paid to do the removal.  The company had not issued her with a receipt.  As the client had dyslexia, our Adviser helped […]
  • April 2018 – Energy Best Deal Case Study - Our client was a carer for her adult son who came to us to discuss his claim for Personal Independence Payment.  As she had fuel debts, she was invited to an Energy Best Deal Extra (EBDx) appointment.  The aim of our EBDx project is to give one to one advice to clients on how to get […]