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Relationships & Family

Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk can inform you of your rights and responsibilities in all aspects regarding the family, including separation and divorce, maintenance and child support, parents’ rights and responsibilities, birth and adoption, change of name and what to do when someone dies.

Should you require legal services, you can find a local solicitor on via The Law Society.

A local firm of solicitors run a bi monthly family law clinic from our offices providing free half-hour appointments to eligible clients. In order to book an appointment, you will need to see an adviser first to check you meet the criteria for an appointment.  The solicitor covers family law issues, such as separation, divorce and matters involving children.  The solicitor does not deal with wills and probate.

For detailed advice please contact Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk on 01449 676060 or contact us online.

Other websites that provide useful relationship and family advice include

Local Services:

National Services: