April 2018 – Energy Best Deal Case Study

Posted: 03rd July 2018

Our client was a carer for her adult son who came to us to discuss his claim for Personal Independence Payment.  As she had fuel debts, she was invited to an Energy Best Deal Extra (EBDx) appointment.  The aim of our EBDx project is to give one to one advice to clients on how to get the best deal for their energy, to assist with relieving fuel poverty and help with energy efficiency.  Our client was struggling with household bills and was only in receipt of a limited income which consisted of Carers Allowance and Income Support.  She had just had a prepayment meter installed.  The client was given information about how to apply for the Warm Home Discount, which is worth £140 a year.  Our Adviser helped her to apply for a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust to have her fuel debts written off.  Our Adviser explained to the client that even though she was in debt she could still switch to another gas and electricity supplier, and showed her several options that could enable her to save up to £143 per year.


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