Research and Campaigns

We use our clients’ experience, stories and evidence to research and campaign for positive change locally and nationally.

We can use this insight and data to do several things:

  • To help us research issues further
  • To influence decision makers to change policies and practices
  • To campaign to get decision makers to change policies and practices.

We are currently campaigning on a number of issues that are of concern to our service. Such as:

Scams Awareness is all about creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert, consumers. People ready, willing and able to spot scams. Scams can be tackled if we take our time to spot the signs and share what we learn with others.

What can you do to tackle scams

There are three things that you can do if you suspect that you are the target of a scam:

  • GET advice from the Citizens Advice Consumer Service 03454 04 05 06. They can provide advice and pass details onto Trading Standards.
  • REPORT scams or suspected scams to Action Fraud: 0300 123 2040
  • TELL a friend, neighbour or relative about any scams you become aware of.

Be scam aware!

Settled and Safe: a renter’s right

In 2015, 115,000 people came to Citizens Advice suffering a problem with a privately rented home. That’s 315 people every day, hit by issues from illegal eviction to harassment to lost deposits and struggles to secure the most basic repairs. So Citizens Advice is running a campaign to improve the private rented sector.

Local authorities are keen to tackle this issue too. Nearly all local authorities are currently looking and consulting on whether or not they should draw up a licensing scheme for landlords.

We are campaigning for better protections for private renters. We believe that:

  • No renter should ever have to pay excessive and inexplicable fees for the basic services a letting agent provides. We want to see an end to extortionate fees levied on renters by letting agents.
  • No renter should be at the mercy of rogue landlords who consistently break the rules, taking deposits unlawfully, harassing tenants or renting substandard homes. We want to see all local authorities in England set up a register of landlords that tackles the specific problems in their area.
  • No renter should ever be left out of pocket after renting a home which proves to be dangerous or uninhabitable. We want tenants to be entitled to rent refunds where the property they’re living in is dangerous or not fit to live in.
  • No renter should be evicted simply for complaining about bad conditions. We want to see an end to retaliatory evictions.
  • No renter should ever lose their home at a moment’s notice.We want all tenants to get reasonable notice before having to move out, even when caught up in a landlord’s eviction.

Energy Best Deal

Since 2008 Citizens Advice has been working on the Energy Best Deal public awareness campaign with support from the energy regulator Ofgem and major energy companies. By the spring of 2015, Energy Best Deal helped to improve the confidence of over 350,000 domestic energy customers across England, Scotland and Wales enabling them to shop around, reduce their bills and get help if they are falling behind.

The campaign aims to:

  • make people aware of the savings that can be made by switching fuel providers or negotiating with existing providers
  • provide information about help available from energy suppliers and government for people struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills
  • inform consumers about how they might save money by using less energy, and sources of advice and help around energy efficiency.

Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk delivers group sessions and provides one-to-one appointments to help consumers choose the best energy deal for them, deal with issues such as fuel debt, benefits entitlement and energy efficiency.