Volunteer roles

We have a wide range of volunteer roles.  If you are not sure what might suit you then don’t worry – you can meet a member of our team to discuss what role would suit you best.

We are currently providing advice primarily over the phone, via email and via video calls.   Where a client needs to be seen face to face, we provide face to face advice in a fully risk assessed covid-secure environment.  Where relevant, anyone in a face to face role would have a personal risk assessment to identify any measures that can be taken to improve their safety.

An Adviser on a video call


Our Advisers talk to clients over the phone, face to face or online to explore what problems they’ve come for help with.  They find out what the client’s problem is and explore the options available to sort it out.  Advisers then explain to the client what options they have so that the client can find a way forward.   They may also give practical help such as completing forms, writing letters or making telephone calls.  They finish by writing up a summary of the clients’ problem and what action they have taken.

Telephone Assessors

Our Telephone Assessors talk to clients over the phone. Like our Advisers, they explore the problems that the client has come for help with.  Telephone Assessors use questioning skills to efficiently diagnose the help that clients require. Where the client can be assisted with information, they will provide and explain this. Where the matter is more complex, they refer or signpost to an appropriate source of help.


Administrators play a crucial role in our service.  They help with the day to day running of the Citizens Advice service.  We have various different roles which help to support advisors and caseworkers and ensure the smooth running of the bureau.


We are not currently recruiting Receptionists due to the covid-19 pandemic.


Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk is a registered charity and has its own Board of Trustees.  The Trustee Board are responsible for the strategic direction and financial stability of the charity.  Some trustee roles require specific skills.

Research and Campaigners

We collect a lot of evidence about common or unfair problems that clients come to us for help about.  Our Research and Campaigns volunteer uses this evidence to bring about changes in local and national policies and services which can benefit everyone – even those who have never used a Citizens Advice.


A Fundraiser explores different ways of fundraising to help the local Citizens Advice obtain money, either for specific things, or for ongoing running costs of the local Citizens Advice.  They might help to organise fundraising events to raise money from the local community and encourage volunteers and staff to get involved.


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