Book the advice clinic in Needham Market

Whatever your problem, you can book to speak to an Adviser at a pop-up advice clinic at the Needham Market Community Centre. The service will run on Monday mornings from 17th May.  One of our volunteers will help you on to a video call with an Adviser.  Fill in this form and we will contact you to offer you an appointment.  If you need to speak to us at another time you can email us or call in our opening hours.

  • If we need to call you we will use this number.
  • If we need to email you we will use this email address
  • It helps our Advisers to have a bit of information about your problem. It's up to you how much you tell us at this stage.
  • To help with your enquiry we may need to record details of your case on our secure computer systems. We have to ask for your permission to record and use your personal information in this way. Do you agree to the Citizens Advice service recording the information that you give us?
  • Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially. Sometimes we suggest that we refer you to another organisation for advice because they will be better able to help or we may need to speak to an organisation that may have information relevant to your issue. Do you agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing your personal information with other advice providers and/or other relevant agencies for the purposes of efficient appointments and obtaining information to help you with your issue?
  • We want to make sure the service you receive meets your needs. To help us understand this and to improve our service, Citizens Advice may want to contact you at a later date to ask for your feedback. Sometimes we need a trusted research organisation to help us do that. We need your permission to share your contact details with a trusted research partner. We may also share some high level information about your visit to make sure we are hearing from different groups. We only share what is absolutely necessary. Do you agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing your personal information with organisations so that you can be contacted to give feedback?