Thank you for your foodbank donations

Posted: 14th February 2022

We want to say thank you to everyone in Mid Suffolk who has donated to a foodbank.  Your donations have made a real difference.

We have now put together a report with our data on foodbank referrals from 2019 – 2021 (read our report). The report shows that:

  • Demand for food parcels in 2021 was double what it was in 2019 before the pandemic
  • Most food parcels referrals were for single people, but the number of referrals for families with children has trebled between 2019 – 2021
  • 43% of people who asked for a food parcel had a disability or long-term health problem, when this group makes up 4% of the general population in Mid Suffolk
  • Citizens Advice helped everyone who asked for a food parcel with the issues that were putting them into crisis, and the most common were problems with benefit claims or with debt

Sarah’s* story: “100% made a massive difference”

Sarah and her family were on a low income. The family’s fridge freezer broke down after they had done the weekly shop and all the food inside was spoiled. This meant that suddenly the family had next to no food for the week. They didn’t have funds to buy it all again. She contacted Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk for a food parcel. Sarah said, “100% made a massive difference to being able to eat that week. They thought of everything, and even asked how old the children were and what we liked”

*name changed to protect confidentiality

What’s next

We are already seeing a lot of people who can’t cope as household incomes are squeezed. The cost of living is expected to go up even more with rising food prices and energy costs.  Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk are calling on local agencies to work together to support people who need a referral to a foodbank.

If you are struggling and need a referral for to a foodbank then contact us.