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Ian Rickard

Ian Rickard – Company Secretary

After graduating in Law from King’s College London in the 1970’s, Ian had a 37 year career in local government. He worked in Leicester, Chester and Mid Suffolk as a solicitor. His main role in his last post in Mid Suffolk was to give advice on legal, constitutional and governance matters and, as the council’s statutory monitoring officer, to administer the council’s adherence to the government’s ethical framework for councillors. He is also a trained mediator and has worked with parish councils to resolve contentious issues. He has had working experience in employment and company law.

Ian had dealings with his local CAB during his earlier career and saw the great work they were doing. He realised from everyday conversations, sometimes with people who had used the service, the regard in which the bureau was held. When he retired in 2011 he approached the bureau to see if he could contribute. There was a vacancy for someone with knowledge of the law and governance issues and he was lucky enough to be accepted. He became Company Secretary the same year.

Ian has been involved in community affairs since he moved to Stowmarket in 1989. His 2 children went to Stowmarket schools and he involved himself in their activities on parent committees. He was a regular parent helper at Stowmarket Table Tennis Club and eventually became their Chairman for a time. He was also for a number of years a neighbour representative on a local support group for youth and community education. His monitoring officer and mediation activities involved close relationships with parish and town councils in the Mid Suffolk area and he feels he has helped to closer working relationships within these organisations and between each other.